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Joint-Stock Company "Rusopharm" exists in the pharmaceutical market of the Russian Federation since 1995. Now Joint-Stock Company "Rusopharm" sells in the Russian market the production of following firms: "Frezyderm", Greece; "Laboratory Pronutri", France; "Rekah", Israel; "WAKE spol.s.r.o.", Czech Republic; "Laboratorios Inibsa S.A.", Spain; "Guna", Italy; "RusMedEco", Russia.

Joint-Stock Company "Rusopharm" spends big work with doctors, chemist's networks, large wholesalers of distribution of production of the above-stated firms. Joint-Stock Company "Rusopharm" has the staff of the qualified experts for the work connected with promotion of pharmaceutical preparations in the Russian market.

We are the constant participants of the largest pharmaceutical exhibitions spent in Moscow: "Apteka", "the Person and a medicine", Assembly "Health Moscow". Besides we successfully cooperate with large regional wholesalers, medical administrations of the various state departments (Medical centre of control of affairs of the President of the Russian Federation, Medical administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Medical administration of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, etc.).

Besides the commercial work we also spend charitable activities with various funds and the state structures. Company "Rusopharm" owing to the thought-out system of management successfully works in the Russian pharmaceutical market within 10 years, by results of the decision of Socially-advisory council of the Russian fund of the rights of consumers is awarded ranks «the Best in Russia», «the Best in Moscow», «the Best in Moscow suburbs» in 2004.

For you:

  • The form of payment convenient for the client;
  • There is a flexible system of discounts;

It is advantageous to cooperate with us

The individual approach to each buyer allows us to find the most effective schemes of cooperation. We do not aspire to make one - two favourable to us bargain which are not considering interests of our partners.

Our purpose - long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation. Owing to our constant partners we have reached today's success and we hope to develop it in the future.

Our company invites all the interested organizations to long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation.

On all questions appeal to the sales department of our Company.















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